Website Builder (CMS)


The My Market Toolkit online content management system (CMS) is a powerful website management tool. It allows you to deploy the right web solutions and optimize your business conversion. It allows nearly any type of site format or presentation and allows you to manage the content behind the scenes on a "deliver as needed" basis.

The web builder is very flexible and can easily manage websites that consist of a single page as well as websites that contain thousands of different pages.


  1. Build a "DRY" Website
  2. What are Website Volumes?
  3. FAQs - About Content Management

How To

  1. Create a New Site
  2. Content - Volumes
    1. Website - Pages
    2. Blog - Posts
    3. Catalog - Products
    4. Catalog - Subscriptions
    5. Directory - Listings
    6. Calendar - Dates
    7. Gallery - Images and Video
  3. Design
    1. Templates
      1. Layouts
      2. Themes
      3. Modules
        1. Blocks (Includes)
        2. Form Builder
        3. Menu Builder
      4. Variables
      5. Stylesheets (CSS)
      6. Javascript (JS)
  4. Web Files
  5. 404 Errors
  6. 3rd Party Apps
  7. Grant Access to an Existing Account User


  1. Intermediate - Creating a boxed design 'sheet' on top of full-width background
  2. Intermediate - Adding a Script to a Template
  3. Intermediate - Available Classes


  1. Troubleshooting: can't change the domain