Web Site Volumes

We've added a cool concept to our web tools. It's called "Volumes".

What is a Web Volume?

Volumes are a very eligant want to manage content and keep it separate from design. A web volume is a collection of similar web pages. We call individual pages "Items". Think of your bookshelf. You might have a text book with pages, a calendar with dates, a phonebook with listings. Your content will be organized similarly and the site will function depending on the type of content a visitor is viewing.

Here are some sample volumes:

  1. Website: contain "Page" items
  2. Blog: contain "Post" items
  3. Catalog: contain "Product" items
  4. Directory: contain "Listing" items
  5. Calendar: contain "Date" items

Items are organized in a volume and your site's design will vary based on the volumes you have.

Can I Have Many Volumes?

Yes. A website can have many volumes, even many of the same type. Your subscription will determine how many you can have. 

Here's an example: Say you have 2 doctors in an office who want to have their own blogs.There would likely be 3 volumes: one Website and two Blog volumes. Each can be restricted so the account owner can manage all and each doctor can have access to their own.

Managing your volumes and pages will be very straight forward.