Create a New Site

Creating new site is simple. There are 2 ways to create a new site: New site wizard and Clone an existing site. 

How to create a new site using the "New Site Wizard":

The "new site wizard" asks you a few questions so you can select appropriate options. Once the options are selected, the site will be created and you can begin making design and content changes.

Your account's subscription level will determine how many sites may exist in the account. You may need to upgrade if you aren't allowed to create a new site.

  1. In the website builder click on "Sites"
  2. Click on the "New" icon in the top right. You will enter the new site wizard
  3. Follow the instructions in each step:
    1. Enter the site's name and temporary URL
    2. Choose the volumes you want to use (site, blog, catalog, directory, etc) and give them names
    3. Choose the template layouts you want for each volume
    4. Choose the theme (colors, fonts, etc) 
    5. Click "Done"

How to create a new site by cloning an existing site:

You can only clone a site from an account you have access to that has one or more sites.

  1. In the website builder click on "Sites"
  2. Click "Edit" next to the the site you wish to clone
  3. Click the "Clone" icon in the top right
  4. Choose your account and give the new site a name
  5. Click "Submit"

What happens when I create a new site?

  1. The site is created - default settings are applied
  2. The volumes you chose are created with a few default pages/items
  3. The templates you selected for each volume are created
  4. Any modules that belong to the templates are also created including text and default images
  5. You are dropped into the default websites volume to begin editing pages
  6. The templates (layouts) you selected for each