My Market Toolkit provides system variables to help with your website design. A variable represents the data from a specific MMT field. They can be drag/dropped into templates and will render when a page is loaded.


Say you want a pages "Page Title" to show below the navigation on every page. When you build a template, you will create a container for the variable and then drag the "Title" variable into the container. When a page is rendered using that template, the Page Title will pull automatically.

Volume: Websites Variable List

  1. Title - Page Title
  2. Current Year
  3. Current Month
  4. Current Day
  5. Current Date
  6. User Name
  7. SEO Title
  8. Short Content
  9. Flash Notice
  10. Flash Error
  11. Flash Alert

Volume: Blog Variable List

  1. Title - Post Title
  2. SEO Title