Website Design

The DRY Goal

We believe in "DRY" web design. That means that you design elements of your site once and reuse them when needed. Here are some examples:

  1. use one header or footer across many templates
  2. use one menu across many templates
  3. use two different headers on several templates
  4. use a web form on multiple landing pages
  5. put blog archives in multiple locations in multiple templates

The goal is to create an element or module once and reuse it. That means you only have to change it in one place if you update your design.

Dry Design

Designs are kept dry using stylesheets and modules. Stylesheets and mdules are all designed with easy-to-use builders. Changing colors, fonts, spacing, images, text is a snap.


Website colors, fonts, spacing and other styling options are managed in the Theme builder. A Theme is a visual collection of styles you can manage by clicking to change so 'what you see, is what you get'. No modifying css files (unless you have an advanced change - you can add any css you want).


Templates are built using reusable components called modules. Modules are built and then can be drag/dropped into template containers.