How to Cancel a Project

You may have a project that gets cancelled but you don't want to delete it for historical record keeping. The way to do it is to set all remaining tasks to 'Cancelled' and the system will see them as 'skipped' tasks and consider the project complete without requiring that the tasks be marked complete.

Cancelled Status Code

First, ensure you have a 'Cancelled' status code. One isn't created by default.

  1. In the Project Manager click "Status Codes"
  2. Look for one called "Cancelled". If one exists, click edit.
    1. Ensure the "Skipped Status" is set to "Yes". If you need to change it to "Yes" you will see an alert - answer "OK".
    2. Save
  3. If one does NOT exist:
    1. Click the "New" icon
    2. Enter "Cancelled" as the name
    3. Select "Yes" for the "Skipped Status". If you see an alert, click "OK"
    4. Click "Add Status Code"

Cancelling a Project

  1. Open the project in question and go to the tasks tab
  2. Click edit on all ACTIVE tasks (any that are incomplete) and set the "Status" of each to 'Cancelled' 
    *Note: if a task is complete, leave it be - you'll want the hours, etc. to reflect in your reports.
  3. Save each task

Once all tasks are either marked "Completed" or "Cancelled" the project will be considered complete and the project and tasks will gray out and order appropriately in all lists.